Saturday, June 27, 2009

Value of Trust

“How could she do this?” was my first thought when I saw my old watch on Sheela, my household help. Her deceit and with my foolishness in trusting her whirled through my mind, all at once. She was a person I thought I knew and trusted.Slowly, I asked “new watch?”. “Oh, its an old one but for me it is new, as it was gifted to me by my niece, “ she replied with a happy smile. Was it over-confidence or lack of guilt? I sat down and assessed the situation again. Surely, she would not have flaunted the watch in front of me had there been an iota of guilt in her. I refrained from confronting her and searched all over again for all the likely places my watch could have been lost. Finally, to my great relief, I did find the watch in a remote corner. Was it a strange coincidence that she had happened to own the same model or was it a test of trust ? I think it was the latter for, I have never felt as gratified as I did today in not allowing my trust to break down. If I had doubted her, we would never had the same equation.

This is really important for eveyone. Each person wants to trust and be trusted, for without that, a sense of well being is virtually impossible.

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  1. Yes, Indeed Trust begets Trust. How often do we jump into conclusions and follow it up with hasty conceited judgments!
    If such sublime feelings/notions like trust and faith is more pervasive in our system and society how much more charming life could be.
    If at all the hasty conclusion of a doubt arises – the real culprit is Oneself because there is an absence of self confidence in oneself – this results in hasty doubts of others.
    A well conveyed personal experience – Thanks for sharing.

    MV Raman