Monday, October 12, 2009

The true message of Christianity

Jesus of Nazareth's life and message has inspired many, all through the ages. He welcomed and embraced the sinners, the despised and the harlots and gave them solace and peace. To Jesus, God was a loving Father. Jesus' mantra was love for God and one's fellowmen. There is so much to learn from him and yet, he is misrepresented at times. I felt I must meet him and clarify the doubts I have

My dear Lord Jesus, so many people have been inspired by you, still there are some doubts that persist. The areas which do not somehow seem to be in synergy with your teaching. Could you clarify these doubts for me?

Of course. Go ahead and ask me the queries you have.

It is a fact that different people pray to a different God. Some do not even believe in an external God but believe in God being a presence within us. In this scenario, what is the criterion for deciding who is a true ‘Christian’ is? One who believes in the principles you spoke on or one who uses the name “Jesus” instead of say, Allah or Ram?

Evidently, the latter. It is the principle which matters not the names used. This one principle has caused tremendous conflict and I really would like to implore people to stop promoting Christianity as the sole way to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Is idol worship to be avoided?

See, the important thing is remembering the presence of God everywhere. If idols help you concentrate on this divinity, use them as a channel. But do remember it is only a channel and remember to perceive the divinity one can perceive in the world.

In the Christian tradition, a lot of people are quite scared of ‘Satan’ What is this force?

As you probably know, my sermon on the mount clearly stated that God is within each of us. Similarly, Satan or negative forces too are within us. These vices are the ones we need to combat. Ego, jealousy, anger, violence – these are mini Satans among many people. The path to totally rise above them may be ardous, but the results are wonderful.

You sacrificed your life on the cross to save the sins of the world and asked for the
forgiveness of the tormentors. This sort of attitude is sometimes too difficult to cultivate. Is this really possible for ordinary people?

If you are in touch with love, you will realize that holding grudges can only make your path difficult. In my case, I did not want even those moments of torture to take me away from love. Remember this all through your life.

How do we get in touch with the God within us?

One’s life needs to be directed by the spiritual element which is its basis, which manifests itself as love, and which is extremely natural to man.

Unfortunately, this simple truth has often be misrepresented by many and a lack of complete clarity has occurred everywhere in all faiths.

Discard this misrepresentation and understand the true principles of spirituality from all faiths and wisdom traditions.

Which are the sayings you admire apart from the Bible.

See, wisdom is present all over the world. Some beautiful sayings found in other traditions, say the truth which I have ttried to convey in my own life.

For instance, the Thirrukural in Tamil says -

The aim of the sinless One consists in acting without causing sorrow to others, although he could have attained great power by ignoring their feelings.

The aim of the sinless One lies in not doing evil unto those who have done evil unto him.

If a man causes suffering even to those who hate him without any reason, he will ultimately have grief not to be overcome.

The punishment of evil doers consists in making them feel ashamed of themselves by doing them a great kindness.

Of what use is superior knowledge in one who does not endeavour to relieve his neighbour's want as much as his own?

If, in the morning, a man wishes to do evil unto another, in the evening the evil will return to him.

My what clarity and completeness of Christ's true message. I sincerely hope this message permeates to all Christ would have liked it to.


  1. I have a couple questions... first... I was under the impression that ISLAM = Submission, not peace... can you help me with this confusion.

  2. Missing the point...God is not in us... that was the first sin of man that got man cast out of the Garden of Eden... Man can not be God... God is God ... the belief that we are God is no in accordance with the ISLAM , Jewish , or Christian faith...

  3. The statement , or term "I AM WHO I AM " pretty much drives the foundation for the Old Testament pretty much it states that God is God and no other is god... as for Jesus stating that anyone can make it to heaven is in direct contrast to what he actually said... "There is but one way to enter heaven" that is through Jesus Christ...