Saturday, April 14, 2012

Be happy always

Thinking about Comparisons, it could be comparisons of your health with others, comparison of your life style with others, but ultimately in every area of life, there are some people who are better than you and some people who are worse. Let us learn to focus and pray for those who are worse. Automatically, our issues will become manageable then..

The same thing is said in Vedanta...

All happiness in life is beyond the limited consciousness and is experienced when that activity is forgotten. All the delight that comes from response to beauty, love and truth in the world, and from the powers of will, love and thought in consciousness, lie in the Self beyond, when the world and the limited self are forgotten, and time and space have been swallowed up in something greater, beyond their limitations. Beyond common consciousness, in a state better than that limited consciousness, we are, and all clinging to mental ideas about oneself, pleasurable or not, bars the realization of that truth. That unchanging I is ānanda, happiness, the one reality. To know this directly, not by logic, is the high purpose of the Vedānta.

Hope you all also remain happy forever


  1. Thank you, Hariom ji.. This indeed is what right minded people wish for