Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reformers: My tribute

In the area of reformers,I have been privileged to meet some, for instance Sandeep Pandey of Asha for Education Bina Lashkari of Doorstep school , Anouradha Bakshi of Project Why , Shanti Raghavan of Enable India , Varun Rangarajan of Dream India 2020 .

These are in no particular order of ranking of importance but the common thread is their heart felt commitment to India and humanity.

Isn't this what keeps the world going ?


  1. hope is what keeps the world going. and the dream that someday....someday...we shall see a world with no abject poverty, someday...there will a shine in the eyes of the abused that all is not lost...someday...that politicians will worry more about their country and its people and less about their chairs....someday....there will be no borders to stop those with a wanderlust...want to attain a quest...someday....some day....

  2. yes, i agree. it is a dream to see such a world. Still, as of now, it makes sense to be part of the solution and not part of the problem that creates these conditions