Sunday, July 12, 2009

Travelling light - Walking the path

As I held the long awaited book of my friend and editor, Suma Varughese, the feeling of oneness was amazing. This book, released on popular demand, is a compilation of her columns in Life Positive, and is divided into self, reflections and society.

True to the author's belief, the self has the maximum articles as it is her firm conviction that only by transcending our own shortcomings can we reach anywhere significant.

The multitude of seekers who are able to relate to it at their own levels is the unique characteristic of her much loved columns and the book too. All truths are eternal and time tested - so there is no unique formula, just a sharing of a sincere quest. As we all have had similar thoughts and doubts, the columns seem to be a sharing of our own travails. The solution offered is not a magic formula, just a complete acceptance through which the answer flows seamlessly.

One of the posts says her goal is to reach the point where the creator compliments us on a 'well lived' life. The book tells us the process through which she has almost reached this lofty goal. By reading it, we too feel we could perhaps reach there with her.


  1. Thanks Jamuna for this lovely post. Feel very grateful to you.
    Much love,

  2. Thanks Suma. Its my pleasure.